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November 2019

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1. Top 6 Most Inquired Products in November 2019

This month, we received over 1,000 inquiries wherein household products were most popular. fitness products are also highly trending on the largest E-commerce stores like Amazon and eBay.
The US has always been a major country for our inquiries, in an accounting for 47.2%, increasing around 15% when compared with last month. UK and Australian inquiries were also on the increase,
occupying the second and third position followed by India, South Africa and other countries.
highest trending products to selling amazon
The top six most inquired products are as following list:
Kitchen Knife Sharpener from China
Item Name: Kitchen Knife Sharpener
Inquiry Times: 25
Price(USD): $1.8-$2.5
Simply position the dull blade on the
sharpening slot and enjoy razor-
sharpness in just seconds. ABS and
Stainless-Steel material make it safe
and durable to use. Let your knife be
sharper easily!
Item Name: Mexican Table Runners
Inquiry Times: 18
Price(USD): $3-$4
Made of high-quality durable cotton, easy to clean, stain resistant. It is sewn on all four sides, not easily loose thread. It makes your special moments even more memorable, suitable for Mexican themed party, birthday party, wedding, baby shower, graduations, holiday celebration, thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas, fiesta, pool party and tribal party.
Table Runners wholesale
Non-Slip Yoga Socks suppliers
Item Name: Non-Slip Yoga Socks
Inquiry Times: 13
Price(USD): $1-$1.5
You will feel confident, stylish and
protected with our anti-skid, non-slip
ballet-inspired socks. Feel free to move
and spread your toes naturally with
this full toe grippy socks with cute design.
Item Name: Adjustable Elastic
Abdominal Binder
Inquiry Times: 11
Price(USD): $4-$5
It can be stretched to fit the natural curves of your body.
Instantly slims so you look and feel better after baby whether a c-section or vaginal delivery. Suitable for any aerobic exercise, weight reduction program, or back support; Adjustable nylon buckle closure makes this wrap easy to use and meet user's different needs.
Adjustable Elastic Abdominal Binder wholesale
Wine Bottle Protector Bag buy
Item Name: Reusable Wine
Bottle Protector Bag
Inquiry Times: 6
Price(USD): $0.8-$1.3
Strong protection and conveniently lightweight. A double zip-lock and
Velcro to keep luggage dry in the rare case of bottle breakage,
whether you're traveling by airplane, rail, cruise ship or bus,
you'll be able to bring your wine with you wherever you go.
Item Name: Rustic Jewelry Organizer
Inquiry Times: 3
Price(USD): $4-$5
Keep your bracelets, necklaces, rings
and earrings in neat order, preventing
them from getting tangled and
damaged! Show off your stunning
accessory collection and pick the perfect
piece in no time to complement your
Rustic Jewelry Organizer supplier
Top 3 Most Ordered Products in
November 2019
The top three most ordered products in this month are: coasters
mats, plastic shirt & pants hangers, and portable infant crib.

Coasters Mats from china
Item Name: Coasters Mats
Price(USD): $3.2-$3.7
Reason for recommendation:
Coaster upper layer is absorbent ceramic, with cork on the back to
prevent table from Scratched and worn, and the patterns are made by
UV high definition printing. You can make your own special patterns by
offer supplier the pattern files, some suppliers can customize by free,
while other suppliers may charge extra cost for printing plate, which is
around $50.
About the size, the diameter is around 4 inch, with 7mm thickness.
Make sure with your suppliers whether their quotations are included
with package box, or if you want other package ways, you can let them
calculate the extra cost.
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Item Name: Plastic Shirt & Pants Hangers
Price(USD): $0.2-$0.5
Reason for recommendation:
Normally 17-inch top and 12-Inch-wide bottom hangers are perfect for
most junior and adult clothing, so this is the most popular size for the
hanger set. This one is made of plastic, so the price is low, you may
choose the stainless steel or wooden material for other options.
Remember to check if there is anti-slip part on the top hanger, because
it may have price difference around $0.03. Supplier can accept to print
logo on both hangers, with extra charge around 0.04 per unit.
Plastic Shirt Pants Hangers wholesale
Portable Infant Crib wholesale
Item Name: Portable Infant Crib
Price(USD): $10-$15
Reason for recommendation:
Natural cotton fiber is the main material to make sure it's safe for
baby. The size is around 80cm*50cm, some maybe little smaller or
larger to fit babies with different weights.
There are many designs of the fabric patterns from suppliers you can
select, or you can send your pattern to let them find fabric suppliers
first to customize. For package, the best choice is vacuum packaging
with outside hand-held bag, to reduced volume and low the shipping

3. Top 3 Most Re-ordered Products in
November 2019
The top three most re-ordered products this month: baby protection
plug socket covers, flexible LED lighted makeup mirror, and acrylic
cup and lid storage organizer.

Baby Protection Plug Socket Covers
Item Name: Baby Protection Plug Socket Covers
Price(USD): $1.2-$1.5
Reason for recommended:
Different designs can fit two-hole and three-hole socket in different
countries, and most of them are in white/clear color with ABS
material. It's your choice to make how many pieces bundling as one
As it's a very simple product, you can private label it by printing your
logo on the front side, or making your own package, such as gift box
package, or skin packaging, to add your brand and other unique
Item Name: Flexible LED Lighted Makeup Mirror
Price(USD): $2.5-$3
Reason for recommendation:
The material is ABS plastic with acrylic mirror, 10X magnification so
can see clearer. The sucker can be fixed easily in the place you want,
such as bathroom, bedroom, with the 360°flexible rotation.
As it's with LED lights, so it will need batteries when using, usually this
item is sold without battery. MOQ from supplier is around 300-500
units, and you can make your gift box package with private labeling.
The diameter of the whole item is 17.5cm, and 13cm only of the middle
mirror. If you are buying different size, the price will be little different.

LED Lighted Makeup Mirror
Acrylic Cup and Lid Storage Organizer
Item Name: Acrylic Cup and Lid Storage Organizer
Price(USD): $4-$5
Reason for recommendation:
Black acrylic material is the most popular style for this cup organizer
in the market, and it can be both used in home, or beverage shops like
The thickness of the acrylic and size of the organizer is the two factors
which influence the final prices. For size, larger one can hold big cups
such as 44 oz, small one is suitable for normal size such as 6 oz-22 oz.
There are also selections of the section: 3/4/5 sections for you to
choose. Box package is the best way for this item, and you can private
label it with your own brand.
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