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  • Samples, envelopes, parcels, boxes, cargo or other bulky loads
    Our customers can enjoy reliable door-to-door delivery services at lower rates, without compromising on service quality.
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    $19.99 per pound (2 Lb minimum per package). Plus $14 for every pound if your package over 2 Lb. We will pack your shipments at our store locations at no extra charge.
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    We provide shipping solutions for every businesses. Ask for special rates for full container, Sea freight, Air freight to China. More shipping solutions.
Delivers to China in 7~10 Days
Express delivery is committed to delivering packages with speed. Most packages take around 6 to 8 days from leaving our warehouse to being delivered in China. Union Delta is able to take advantage of their extensive network in Asia to deliver packages.
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Budget rates & Full Tracking Online.
Starts from $15 Lb. Full Tracking Online. You will be able to see every part of your package's travel, from our store to the door at China. Unlike some shippers, such as USPS., this is full tracking, even while moving through China. All packages are insured the value that you declare on your shipment, up to $100 at no extra charge. Should a package be damaged or lost, you are covered.
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(Air freight or Sea freight available)
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Package density is one of the factors that affects the shipping rate. The volumetric weight of a package is an index reflecting the package's density. A less dense package generally occupies more space, in comparison to its actual weight. Thus, the shipping rate is determined according to the actual weight or the volumetric weight, whichever is greater.

According to industry practice, the proper formula used to calculate volumetric weight (in lb) is:
Length (inch) x Width (inch) x Height (inch) ÷ 166 (DIM weight factor)
(Please note that the calculation varies amongst different countries and regional market practices.Standard Express and Economy Express adjust volumetric weight divisor from 166 to 139)

Prohibited items:
Arms / Military, Antiques, Cultural artifacts, Animal products e.g. Animal oil & fats, Antibody, Bacillus, Bacon, Bacteria, Biological substance, Blood, Bone, Cell, Coliform, Feathers, Feed, Guts, Horns, Jerky, Petfood, Protein, Raw wool & leather, Sausage, Semen, Serum, Chemicals, Dangerous Goods, Drug & Medicine, Liquor & Alcoholic beverages, Toxic and infectious substances, Radioactive substances, Corrosive substances.

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