Top 20 Best Profitable Products
to Sell in 2020.

Each new year brings a new set of trends and most of the time, items that are trending in the previous year might drop out of fashion in the new year. Understanding customers' needs regarding what products are trending in 2020 will lead to satisfied customers and more sales.
In this post, we're going to break down our list of the 20 best products to sell in 2020.
If you're looking for the best products to sell 2020, you're in the right place.
I hope these trending products help you out and bring you the most profits in 2020.
best and trending products to sell 2020
best and trending products to sell 2020
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20 product recommendations for 2020
from Union Delta experts:
1. Wearable devices.
The popularity of different wearable devices is growing very rapidly. This is also related to the fact that nowadays most of them don't cost a lot, and people can afford to buy them without any problems.

Which particular wearable devices are going to be the best-selling products?
So, we are now speaking about fitness trackers. The point is that a fitness tracker is a relatively low-priced gadget which is able to provide its user with a number of functions: watch, alarm clock, heart rate monitor, pedometer, etc.
They are hugely popular with both amateur and professional sportspeople. Google Trends data shows that interest peaked around Christmas time in 2017, but it still remains strong. Worldwide revenue from fitness trackers is expected to continue growing USD$2.57 billion this year to $3.33 billion in 2022. This suggests that there will continue to be strong market demand for these devices in the coming years.
fitness tracker supplier
smart watch fitness trackers best products for 2020
smart watch, fitness trackers, best products for 2020
2. LED lighting.
Overall, LED lighting is a growing trend. But I'd focus on a subset like outdoor lighting or kitchens. You won't make any money selling regular LED light bulbs. The LED market is expected to grow 13% annually and reach $55B by 2022. You can create a fantastic content site around outdoor living spaces and sell lighting and related products.
Motion-Activated LED Ceiling Light .
The three arrays can be folded up to 90 degrees, allowing them to sit flush with the core or parallel with the ceiling and aim light where it's needed most.
Another great feature is that it's motion-activated so you never have to worry about flipping a light switch. You get immediate bright light as soon as the microwave motion sensor detects movement. The light automatically turns off after 90 seconds of no movement. (motion sensing option can be turned off if desired) This is possibly the top LED light for a garage that has multiple functions. Its simple screw-in design means zero fuss when installing.
Adjustable Garage LED light supplier
Garage LED light, best trending products 2020
3. Moving straps.
Moving straps are used when moving and withstand more than 200 kg of weight that can make moving safe and easy. This product first came in 2016 and there still many countries which have not used these straps. In these countries, this could be a good business opportunity.

The price and quality of these straps go hand in hand. The wholesale price of straps in China is about $2.2-$4.4. But, you should purchase moving straps with better quality. If the quality of moving straps is not very good, it will be very dangerous when used. Although the rate will be a little higher, there will still be a large profit margin.

Make sure you pay close attention to the quality when purchasing these moving straps. If you a non-professional, it'll be a little difficult for you to identify the good quality straps. So, you are more likely to purchase a bad moving strap at a higher price. To rectify this, try finding a professional sourcing agent who can help you find a good supplier, and they could help you sourcing products at the lowest price.
Moving straps trending 2020 products
Moving straps, trending 2020 products
4. Phone accessoties.
Phone Cases, Phone Screen protectors and films, Car Holders.
Mobile phone accessories are also quite cheap products to import from China. The accessories include protector glass, mobile phone case, car phone holder and so on. These are small objects with massive demand in the market.

Also, when considering selling mobile phone accessories, you don't have to worry about product update as well, except for the protection cover, which has to be restocked according to the new mobile launches. So, in case you are starting with limited procurement costs and also lack experience, mobile phone accessories will be a safe choice.

The price of phone protector glass is about $0.13-$1. The protector glass for different mobile phones falls in the same price range, mainly because the quality of glass remains constant. However, irrespective of the price of the protector glass, you can make significant profits by selling them on Amazon.
Phone Screen protectors and films from china
Phone Screen protectors and films, trending 2020 products
One of the most interesting facts about car producers is that in most cases they don't adapt their automobiles to let us put our smartphones somewhere. It's actually hard to believe but that's how it is!

Due to this reason some car accessories manufacturers began to produce so called car holders. They are quite different. But they have one thing in common – they're extremely popular among car owners.
Phone holder for the car is something that drivers are very fond of. It's a practical product, but it's buyers are much lesser as compared to the buyers of phone protector glass and cell phone case. Not everyone has a car, but everyone has a cell phone. The wholesale price of the phone holder is between $0.6-$2.
Car phone holder wholesale
Car phone holder, trending 2020 products
5. Socks
Socks are daily used consumer product and hence have a significant market share in the retail sector. Owing to the improving fashion trends, the demand for socks in the market is growing.

Besides having a good market demand, the sock is a product with a significant profit margin as well. In the United States, the price of the most common cotton socks on Amazon is about $3 per pair, whereas, in China, the cost of ordinary cotton socks is about $0.2/pair. The price difference is more than ten times, which means importing socks from China can be an extremely profitable business.

In addition to cotton socks, there are many other categories of socks like silk stockings, wool socks, yoga socks and so on. If you think there are too many sellers of cotton socks in the market, you can consider selling other types of socks. Silk stockings are consumables, very easy to break, and the demand is also very large. The wholesale price of silk stockings is between $0.37 to $1.47.
Want to find the sock manufacturers to get the most competitive price? Feel free to contact us.
Custom branded socks factory
Custom branded socks, trending 2020 products
6. Wireless Phone Chargers.
The added mobility and convenience that this product provides is what makes wireless phone chargers popular. These products will become more in demand as newer phone models from almost every brand is designed to be compatible with wireless chargers. Not only are these wireless versions safer, but they also look so cool sitting on your desk.
Wholesale price:
  • $4-$7
Wireless phone chargers are the next big thing in smartphone accessories. Why? People are fed up with regular charging devices. They all come with a wire.
Wireless phone chargers wholesale
Wireless phone chargers, best trending 2020 products
7. Silicone baking tools
Silicone baking tools are also quite popular among families such as silicone baking mat, silicone baking cup, silicone baking mold and so on. These silicone-based baking tools are resistant to high temperatures. The products are known for the durability, safety, and easy cleaning. It is expected that the products of silicone materials will emerge in endlessly in the coming two years and will have good sales.

Among these products, silicone baking pads are the most used and popular products. Its wholesale price in China is around $0.74 – $1.5. Larger the size of the baking mat, the higher will be the price. Also, you must check the size clearly when purchasing. You can even customize the size and style according to your country. The price of each silicone baking tools is not the same. The MOQ required by the manufacturers are not the same, and most of them are above 1000 pcs.

In addition, it is important to note that silicone baking tools are directly in contact with food and are required to be tested in some countries. If you plan to sell silicone baking tool in the United States, I suggest that you provide an FDA-related certificate; otherwise you might face some problem while selling your product.
Silicone molding products
Silicone molding products, trending 2020 products
Fashion is something that is ever-evolving and constitutes in a multi-billion dollar industry. There are many products in fashion niche that never fall out of demand and Eyelashes are surely one of them.
False eyelashes are also a particularly cheap product to import from China but sold at a high price on us-based Amazon. There are many grades of false eyelashes, and the price of different grades vary significantly. Usually, the wholesale price of false eyelashes ranges from $0.22 – $0.44 per pair for fibre-made falsies to $1 for each pair for the false eyelashes made of mink hair or having a magnet.

The same fibre-made false eyelashes are priced at $2/pair on us-based Amazon, and the price difference is nearly seven times. Low cost is not the only advantage of importing false eyelashes. This product is extremely lightweight, and hence you can easily ship your order by express, without having to pay customs duties.

false eyelash from china
false eyelash, trending 2020 products
9. Bathroom accessories.
Who would say "no" to making your bathroom interior be a bit more pleasant and convenient?

So, let's talk about the products which are designed in order to let you make your home more modern and practical because next year will give us more opportunities to live out our fantasies!

Great variety of showerheads let people choose the one they like more.It looks really impressive! So, there is no doubt that this item is worth your attention while thinking of the product list.
Shower head plumbing from china
Showerhead, trending 2020 products
As some foreign objects like loose threads, pet hair, etc. can bring a lot of harm to your washing machine or sewage system, people have to seek for the ways of catching these things. Fortunately, some producers have designed a very useful tool that is called hair catcher. It seems to be a filter which task is to exclude all the unnecessary matters from your washing machine or kitchen sink.
Hair catcher from china
Hair catcher, trending 2020 products
10. Travel organizers, Packing cubes.
To date, small and ordinary things are going to conquer the world! Such a simple and unique tool as a travel organizer is really enormously popular among online customers.
Wholesale Price: $3-$7
travel packing cube supplier
trending 2020 products
11. Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds.
The combination (wireless+ bluetooth+ earbuds) is one of the most searched due to the advantages offered by the item. It's built with advanced Bluetooth 5.0 and CVC6.0 noise reduction and background noise cancellation technology. The crystal clear song and strong transmission signal will keep your customers asking for more.
Wholesale Price: $12-$20
Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds
Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds, trending 2020 products
12.Wine glass and accessories.
The wine glass has always been a popular product imported from China. Some of the customers specially design their own style and then look for factories in China.

The demand for wine glass is very high. The price of these glasses is naturally high, especially the crystal wine glass. The wholesale price of Chinese wine glass is $2.2, and it is sold at $13 on us-based Amazon.
glass manufacturing in china
Glass manufacturing, trending 2020 products
However, for these kinds of products, you must pay special attention to transportation. The ship charge of the wine glass is calculated by dimensional weight. As its dimensional weight is quite large, shipping the glasses by express or air would result in expensive freight.

So, it would be more cost-effective if you just ship the goods by sea. If you are into retail, you should purchase at least 3-5 cubes but if you are a wholesaler, go for purchasing the whole cabinet. It would make the average shipping cost per cup will be more cost-effective.
Wine Accessories manufacturer
Wine Accessories , trending 2020 products
13. Car Vacuum.
Car Vacuum is a small cleaning device for a vehicle that is very handy to clear the debris and dust without any hassle.
Car Vacuum wholesale
Car Vacuum , trending 2020 products
As you can see from the graph, the trend for Car vacuum has started to rise upward. So it's a great time to start selling it online as it could become one of the best selling items for your store.
Car Vacuum Google trends
Car Vacuum Google trends , trending 2020 products
14. Reusable bags.
Reusable bags are next up on our list of the best products to sell in 2020.
That's because sustainable shopping is on the rise.
Buyers across the globe are becoming more and more conscious of how their shopping habits are affecting the world. And that's exactly why people are looking to eco-friendly options like these products. The number of searches is only going up. That means more and more people are looking for these products.
Factor this in with the fact that the holiday season, which includes Thanksgiving and Christmas, usually involves family dinners that are too big to finish in one sitting, and you've got a recipe for success.

Think about it – these products are going to be super useful for the prep work that goes into those dinners and for keeping any leftovers fresh.
So if you can come up with some clever marketing campaigns to promote these products, you'll have buyers flocking to your store.

Reusable bags china supplier
Reusable bags , trending 2020 products
15. Automatic instant tent.
The outdoor product category is also quite popular, and the tents are regular products that have relatively high sales and less competition. If you are a dealer of outdoor products, the automatic tents are a good choice for good profit. Compared to hand-held tents, automatic tents are more preferred for family trips and outings and are more widely used.

The wholesale price of ordinary automatic tents in China is around $30-40. It is convenient to use and a necessity for every family. The MOQ required for this product is quite less, around 200 pieces and it supports custom logo.

There are many other profitable products in outdoor products category, such as jackets, hiking shoes, hammocks and so on. If you are interested in these products, you can do some research and find the suitable products.

Automatic tents wholesale
Automatic tents , trending 2020 products
16. Sport water bottle.
Most sports people especially athletes will fall in love with this outdoor sports bottle with water-resistant TF card Bluetooth speaker. There are thousands of sports people near you and displaying such an item may lead to increased sales.
The bottle has an excellent sealing performance, its light and portable, and the Bluetooth speaker is suitable for all kinds of music.
Price-$7- $9
Water bottle with speaker wholesale
Water bottle with speaker , trending 2020 products
17. Alarm Clocks.
Now, you might be wondering why we're recommending that you sell alarm clocks, especially when lots of people use their smartphones as an alarm clock.
But using your smartphone as an alarm clock might not be the best idea.
In fact, lots of people believe that sleeping in the same room as your smartphone has negative health benefits, including disrupted sleep, and lower quality sleep.
Over the past five years, searches for alarm clocks in the United States have decreased a little, but there are spikes in searches for these products every year in December.
We don't know if those are people searching for gifts to buy for the holiday season, or if it's people shopping for themselves.
What we do know is that there is clear interest in these products.
And we know that you could be the entrepreneur who takes advantage of that interest and turns it into sales.
Alarm clocks from china
Alarm clocks , trending 2020 products
18. Baby Nail Trimmer.
Babies require special nail trimmers that don't hurt their cute little fingers. Parents want to buy such nail trimmers for their little ones and you can easily sell these to make a profit right now.
The worldwide trend for baby nail trimmer is booming and looks like you can get into this niche to earn a decent profit right now.
Baby Nail Trimmer supplier
Baby Nail Trimmer. , trending 2020 products
19. Wi-Fi Repeater.
Slow internet seems to be disappearing with such a unique product. In 2020, this product has seen a surge in online sales and often been repeatedly ordered by corporates and residents. Most Wi-Fi routers can cover only 20m/sq area. With Wi-Fi repeater, you can increase the signal range to cover larger areas, such as swimming pool, garage, car porch, garden, and main gate.
While home security has always remained an important topic, especially among residents of high-burglary areas, their demand is now on the rise almost everywhere. See how you can tap that market and help residents make their homes more secure.
Wi fi Repiters factory
Wi fi Repiters , trending 2020 products
20. Shape wear.
This niche product of 2020 is gaining rage over online retail platforms. These body slimming silhouettes are expected to provide a market share of $5.6 billion by 2022. Fashion industry is buzz with this trend and the inventory seems to be rising every day; not sure but this can be quoted as one of the top products to be sold online in 2020.
Shape wear factory
Shape wear, trending 2020 products
I hope these trending products help you out and
bring you the most profits in 2020.
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